Seat Belt Cutter


Highly portable and smart emergency tool designed to quickly and reliably cut seat belts, ropes, parachute cords, fishing nets, and other materials in an emergency situation.




  • USE – This is an ideal safety device for cutting seat belts in an emergency as well as ropes, paracord, shipping straps, fishing nets, or for opening envelopes.
  • PURPOSE – This rescue emergency tool has been created to can give a very simple and lightning-fast response item that can be used in the case of immediately needing to cut seat belts, ropes, parachute cords, fishing nets, or cutting through clothing in case of injury.
  • PORTABLE – The sheath has on the back side a clip that allows putting the tool in different positions on your belt, molle, and backpacks with loops. Fits perfectly in the door pocket or glovebox of your car. With the hole in the front of the sheath, it can be used with a lanyard to secure to a backpack or bag.
  • SMART – The seat belt cutter is for multiple emergency situations which can occur at any time be safe and smart. Carry your seat belt cutter.
  • QUALITY – Made in Italy.