Due Cigni – Florence Complete Set


For the chef in need of a complete and peerlessly reliable set of knives, the Florence Complete Set from Due Cigni is the gold standard. Consisting of 7 of the most essential knives in the kitchen, the collection is designed to be the first and last set that a chef should need in the kitchen.




Forged with peerless precision, the German steel of every blade perpetually retains edge integratory while always remaining balanced and exact.

The set includes:

  • 20 cm (7.87”) bread knife
  • 20 cm (7.87”) chef knife
  • 18 cm (7.09”) santoku knife with scallops
  • 15 cm (5.9”) chef knife
  • 15 cm (5.91”) boning knife
  • 10 cm (3.94”) paring knife
  • 7 cm (2.76”) paring knife